2017 - 2019
OMBR Layout, Bangalore
Program - Residence
Status - Ongoing
Built-up Area - 4000sft
Team - Prasanth, Wasim, Megana, Aznaz, Rahul
Fixed Furniture Design - Ar. Satyanand Mantravadi


The client approached us with the intention of building a residence for his growing family. The house had to encapsulate 3 independent units on 3 floors with a feeling of openness. The design solution brought forward by us assured 3 independent gardens on 3 levels in close proximity to the living areas of the respective units. The garden on the first floor steps down and canvases itself above the parking, creating an intimate scale between the residence and street. The connection between the residents is maintained through piercing light wells on the sides and the back of the building. The 'openness' is preserved in the front of building by ensuring adequate cover for hot summers and heavy monsoon through the analysis of the movement of sun, wind, and, rain.

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