2013 - 2014
Bannerghetta Road, Bangalore
Program: Painting and Sculpture Studio
Status: Completed

Built-up Area - 4800sft
Site Area - 6500sft


The brief was to build a studio adjacent to a lake outside Bannerghetta Road, in Bangalore. The project was conceived on the basis that the lake, adjacent to the site was given maximum precedence from the core areas in the program, which included the painting studio, computer room and bedroom. To achieve this an amphitheatre was added as a temporary exhibition space, doubling up as vantage point into the lake, which also connects the core areas as a 'Circulation Motif'. This addition raised the plinth level nominally, for services, and accommodation within the basement level of the building.

The use of stone as an element, enabled the building to merge with the landscape seamlessly. One of the key features in the design and structure of the building was the merging of the lintel with the peripheral beams, which reduced time of construction and costs significantly. A random rubble stone foundation was used to raise the plinth level to significant heights to enable ‘tucking of program and services’, where the paper making studio is placed.

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