2016 - 2018
Gonikoppal, Coorg
Program - Residential
Status - Completed
Built-up Area - 2200sft
Site Area - 2200sft


Our proposal for the residence was conceived as an elemental connection to the site and surrounding, through materiality. The architecture engulfs itself around the climatic conditions in Coorg, which consists of an elaborate monsoon, by the use of a Rain Court or 'Mittham'. Through the use of local materials, such as Laterite and Terracotta Tile for the structure, and, roofing, the building has a vernacular sense that prevails in its aesthetic, keeping the building minimal and organic.

The program of the residence is elemental, consisting of three equal bedrooms. The room organisation was first broken down into its components to create the structure. The living spaces, and vertical access become an addition to this structure. The connection to the access road is further emphasised by the double height portico that doubles up as an informal seating space for the residents.

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