Selco Foundation, Bangalore
Program - Residential
Built-up Area - 225sft
Site Area - 250sft


The locality ‘Eidga Mohala’ was officially declared a ‘slum’ in 2014, by the Bangalore Development Authority. The vision was to enable an intervention that benefited the community with educational and services development through a housing program. Studies were conducted to analyse the existing infrastructure supporting the slum. It was observed that the houses were constructed haphazardly by the migrant Lower-Income Group, and the proposal was to enhance the housing scheme, by adding incremental and sustainable features. The houses were to be constructed using local labour from the slum, through the educational program within a budget of Rs1.75 lakh($2500).

The design requirements for the houses were derived from studying existing typologies in the slum. Zoning and circulation were observed carefully within the households to ascertain the program, and type of intervention. Basic necessities, such as kitchen, and toilets were made compulsory within the house. The living spaces were designed to create flexibility for the user, for physical comfort and economic comfort.

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