2015 - 2016
Cunningham Road, Bangalore
Program - Residential
Status - Completed
Built-up Area - 1200sft
Site Area - 3000sft


The client approached us with a very specific design requirement for a dwelling that had to encompass a vast living space, dining pavilion, a single bedroom with closet and bath, all looking into a private courtyard. The space had to be curated to fit a collection of antique furniture collected by the client over the years, specific to regions of Indonesia and India. The design enabled the courtyard to bleed into the living room, through a system of doors that turned five corners and spanned 60 feet, changing its form into a fixed windows in locations where there was furniture placed. The courtyard was then used to transcend views into Bangalore through portals created by the panelling attached onto the existing parapet wall articulated to invoke a sense of open bringing the sky into the dwelling through the enclosure.

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