Trinity Metro Station, Bangalore
Program - Conferencing and Co-working Space
Status - Completed
Built-up Area - 1250sft


The office space at the Metro Station at Trinity Circle, MG Road, is the first of its kind in Bangalore. The project was conceived on the basis that the large volume prevailing in-between the circulation areas of the metro station and the platform where the trains arrive and depart is utilised using a mezzanine level addition of 500sft, for the co-working space. This results in a dedicated program for the conferencing space at the ground level. The conferencing facility is designed with the intention that flexibility should be a precedence, for the space to have multiple functions. This enabled the conference room to have the ability to be converted into a training centre when the tables come apart, and split into two independent conference rooms with the help of a folding partition. The lighting design for the facility is a minimal intervention, with the help of tube lights. The structure for the mezzanine addition was used a partial cove to tuck lights for the conference facility, and the girders supporting the platform of the metro station was used to tuck lights as well.

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