2020 - present
Rajajinagar, Bangalore
Program - Residence
Status - Ongoing
Built-up Area - 4800sft
Team - Megana, Rahul


We were brought in to provide architecture design services for a combined housing block within a 1000sft site, in a dense sloping topographical neighbourhood, for a joint family in Rajajinagar, Bangalore. From the get-go we discovered that a standard typical typology across all floors will not satisfy the requirements of the brief. Hence, we found a combination of varying typologies that fit together like an inter-locking lego block(sectionally) to satisfy a multitude of plausible living conditions. We also, emphasised on the integrity of structure, to bring in a design sensibility that works for a single stakeholder, towards construction and execution. To accentuate the dynamic nature of all typologies, we brought large openings to supply more light and air to the interior spaces.

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