Indiranagar, Bangalore
Program - Pavilion
Built-up Area - 800sft


The over-crowded junction between 100ft road and CMH road caters as a transit for pedestrians travelling from Indiranagar to various parts of the city. The junction consists of Bus Stands, Auto-rickshaw Stands and the Metro Rail and is one of the most important transportation hubs in the city. The junction was first studied through the production of a land use map of various commercial, institutional and residential establishments within a 200m radius. The land use then was used to understand pedestrian movement along the junction. The hypothetical intervention ended in the provision of a deep pavement at the corner of CMH and 100ft Road by recessing the boundary of the park, and, opening the park at the corner to this deep pavement by the addition of a pavilion. The urban intervention could re-inititiate an addition of an Urban Buffer for pedestrians traversing across the junction during busy days.

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